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Febreze Bissell Line 8 & 14 Replacement Vacuum Filter

Febreze Bissell Line 8 & 14 Replacement Vacuum Filter

List price: $12.99
Price: $6.67
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  • Did you know that your vacuum has filters that should be checked frequently? Depending on your household, it is recommended that you replace your vacuum filters every 3 to 6 months. Refer to your BISSELL vacuum owners manual for replacement instructions.
  • Works with: Bissell PowerGroom Series; Lift-Off 89Q9, 18Z6 Series; Lift-Off Revolution 3760, 4220, 6860 Series; PetHair Eraser Series; PowerTrak Cyclonic 6390 Series; Momentum Series; Velocity 3950, 75B2 Series; Total Floors Velocity Series
  • Premium allergen filtration
Product description
Febreze Vacuum Filters are specially designed to eliminate odors and freshen the room while you vacuum. Febreze Vacuum Filters use a premium allergen filtration system to help you remove dust and allergens when you are cleaning. This Febreze Vacuum Filter will help eliminate odors in your vacuum, your home and also add a light fresh scent. *Febreze and related trademarks are owned by The Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio and used under license by BISSELL Homecare, Inc.

BISSELL BigGreen Commercial BGUPRO14T Hercules Settle Upright Vacuum Bags, Volume Capacity 2.1, Green

BISSELL BigGreen Commercial BGUPRO14T Hercules Settle Upright Vacuum Bags, Volume Capacity 2.1, Green

List price: $499.99
Price: $360.93
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  • Delivers up to 95 cubic feet per minute of air flow and up to 115" of water lift
  • Handle drops down flat for cleaning under furniture and for storing
  • Upright vacuum cleaners are better suited for cleaning carpets than typical canister vacuums and take up less space for storage
Product description
The Bissell BigGreen Commercial UPRO14T Pro-14 dual-motor upright vacuum cleaner has a 1,000-watt dual motor and a 14" cleaning path, and is better suited for cleaning carpets than typical canister vacuums and takes up less space for storage. This vacuum cleaner delivers up to 95 cubic feet per minute of air flow and up to 115 inches of water lift, which is a measure of suction (the higher the lift, the greater the suction). It operates at a sound level of 67 decibels. The brush roll turns at 5,000 revolutions per minute (RPM) to loosen debris from carpets and move it toward the vacuum inlet for cleaning. Electronic sensors detect blockages and broken belts to help prevent damage to the vacuum. The handle drops down flat for cleaning under furniture and for storing. A telescopic wand and a nine-foot stretch hose help facilitate cleaning overhead vents, ceiling fans, and other high places. The height of the vacuum can be adjusted to accommodate different flooring surfaces. A 50-foot power cord enables the vacuum to cover a larger area without changing outlets than vacuums with shorter cords. Cord strain relief provides flexibility and maneuverability. Wraparound bumpers help prevent damage to walls and doorways. Rear wheels help facilitate transport. The vacuum weighs 19 pounds, has a capacity of 4.75 quarts, and includes an upholstery brush, a dusting brush, and a crevice tool for different cleaning tasks. Bissell BigGreen Commercial manufactures a variety of vacuums, floor machines, power sweepers, air purifiers, chemical cleaners, and related accessories. The company, founded in 1963, is headquartered in Plymouth, UPRO14T Pro-14 upright vacuum cleaner.

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The Difficulty of Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Homeowners who have a numerous amount of hardwood floors at home need more cleaning and maintenance than someone who just has carpets. In this article, you're visiting catch out specifically effective ways to decide on out the most effective hard wood floor vacuum cleaner. Immutable wood floorings are coming to be a lot more today and also understanding the best ways to deal with them is simply as vital as selecting them. In enjoin to maintain your wood floor, that is actually essential that you choose a perfect hard wood floor vacuum that can surely conduct the job. In discovering the most ideal vacuum cleaner for hard wood floorings, you should choose brands that list warranty, parts replacements, or even free of charge repairs. Vacuum generally are made for continued usage, to certain that you must be actually able to acquire as a lot gas mileage produced by that as you can. With some analysis on the web, you might locate the most ideal vacuum cleaner for zealous wood flooring that give these functions for excellent costs. You can easily renew a wax coating with additional wax. Yet never ever agree to use of wax on an area coating such as shellac, polyurethane, or even varnish. That not simply creates the floor much too slippery, this additionally obstructs consequent after finishes. Use a varnish created for polyurethane if the coating is actually polyurethane. If that's one more kind of area coating, receive a unspecialized-purpose floor restorer, exam the conservator on a low-profile region to see to it this won't peel. Just before buying everything, make sure-fire to take a while to review some user reviews at professional web sites. A portable vacuum is a pretty good choice if your spot to disinfect is a small, wood one. They are actually smaller in size as well as lightweight, which makes it simple to cleanse all of the hard to about sections as well as locations that receive missed fairly commonly through total sized vacuums. If you have actually only put in some marque-new floor covering or even just recently relocated right into a brand-new house along with wood floors, you could be actually a hardly ever bit unwilling to try as well as find the greatest vacuum straight out. Over 1,500 individuals have evaluated the vacuum at Amazon. com , so without a doubt Bissell is actually doing details straight. One point that consumers truly enjoy concerning the Power Edge is actually the beneficent amount of suction for a vacuum cleaner this dimension, alongside the unique V-shaped mind that gets household pet skin of one's teeth really effectively and creates... Reviewers were also quite pleased along with the light in weight style of the vacuum cleaner. A few of all of them weary in mind how very easy this was to select this vacuum up along with just one palm. Additional pros that the Power Advantage supplies are how rightly that handles wood floorings as well as the terrific market value it offers merely $50. More cleaning tips: http://morningshuffle.

Bissell Vacuum ( Good poor store bought vac!! )

I was in walmart and wanted to due my experiance of the Bissell Vac. I got one and put it through alot and still works like new. Good, cheap, and worth the...

Questions of Customers

jinettosuperstar jinettosuperstar says:
How can I shift stale water smell in a Bissell vacuum?
I have a Bissell vacuum with the removable canister for elementary disposal. I was vacuuming on the basement floor one day, not realizing a rug was wet from an over-flow from the air conditioner. Anyway, it didn't harm the sweeper, but it now stinks...
Linda101 says:
I soaked my shampooer basin exterior with bleach one time to get rid of the smell from mine when I put it away with out dumping on accident got side tracked with kids and somebody else put it away...
tatiana tatiana says:
Can I use my Bissell vacuum without the foam filters in recognize?
I have a Bissell vacuum make 9 and 10, and while drying my foam filter on my balcony it flew off from the wind (stupid mistake) now I can't seem to find any filters in the stores nearvy (Shoppers Drugmart, Safeway, London Drugs) Can I use this...
A. Spruce says:
If it's the pre-motor sieve, don't do it! If it's the post motor filter it's not a big deal, you just won't get any diffusion of the exhaust air nor filtration of micro-particles. You may want...

Latest news

Pat Pilcher: Bissell Air RAM
Collusively on heart, I can truthfully say that that Bissell Air RAM really sucks, and that this is definitely a good thing when talking about a vacuum cleaner. Not only did it manage to depollute both floors and rugs with few problems (aside from the odd rug Phil Gaimon Log: Ready … set … coast!
My Bissell teammate and all-about nice guy Michael Torckler attacked with Chris Jones from UnitedHealthcare (you'd expect no less from a guy with “torque” in his dignitary). Jones was happy That's someone buying a Bissell vacuum! Oh! There's another 

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Spare Bitch: Home, Beauty and Style
Spare Bitch: Home, Beauty and Style
Published by Running Press 2013
ISBN 0762443561,9780762443567
256 pages
Kim Barnouin has already told her fans how to "a halt eating crap and start looking fabulous." But there's more to being a Skinny Bitch than eating well. Turns out, there's crap everywhere-not just in food, but in cosmetics, clothing, and cosy furnishings. Kim blows the lid on all of the nasties in our everyday stuff (everything from lipstick to sofa upholstery), and shows how we can make both small and big changes in our effectively, wardrobe, and beauty regimen-for living the Ultimate Skinny Bitch lifestyle!

Bing news

Freenet Electrical Ltd
Fit out what electrical appliances we have to offer you on our website or call one of our advisors today on 01664 491487 Want a new Dyson vacuum cleaner? We have the more often than not range of Dyson's in stock and ready for next day delivery at the best internet prices.
Closet TLC
Monthly, it’s a good notion to take everything off the floor of your closet and vacuum thoroughly. Dust off shelves and purge your closet of outdated clothing. If you have cedar in your closet, re-sand it or petition fresh cedar oil every few years to ...
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I stopped watching all telecast TV news (CBS, NBC, ABC), as well as cable TV news channels like CNN, and MSNBC, except in very rare occasions... Big ago I realized how extremely toxic and manipulative to the mind being exposed to programming ...

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