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DUNDAS JAFINE Pro Clean Dryer Lint Deposition Kit
DUNDAS JAFINE Pro Clean Dryer Lint Deposition Kit

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DUNDAS JAFINE Pro Clean Dryer Lint Transfer Kit In Box
DUNDAS JAFINE Pro Clean Dryer Lint Transfer Kit In Box

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Dryer Spiracle Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

Dryer Spiracle Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

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  • Slide one end over vacuum hose
  • Hose is 38 inches long
  • Reduces fire risk and drying time
Product description
Dryer vent vac attachment keeps dryer free of obstructions and reduces fire risk and drying time. Extends the life of your dryer. Slide one end over vacuum hose, the other end suctions lint and dust from hard to reach places. Hose is 38" long. Plastic.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Lavender, 80 Compute

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Lavender, 80 Compute

Price: $10.40
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  • Lavender is valued for its relaxing scent that's soothing, tranquilizing and is believed to relieve fatigue
  • Our fabric softener sheets contain a vegetable-derived softening agent and essential oils on a paper sheet
  • Made in the usa
Product description
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Lavender Dryer Sheets are a perfect way to reduce static and add freshness to your clothes.

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Other-worldly Fishes – Final

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Source: Moonfreckled

How to clean your clothes dryer. How to set up it hot again.

A day open your dryer to find out your clothes are not dry. Well in this video I'll show you how. Also visit my site for more detail and please ask your quest...

Questions of Customers

Hey there Hey there says:
What is the maximum effort way to clean dried and silk flowers?
Is there a A-OK product or a quick way to clean dried and silk floral arrangements? I have been cleaning out my mothers house, and there are about a million of these things and I have no idea how to get the dust off. I don't need to have to take...
johnett says:
just confiture them with aerosol lysol...any areosol product will clean them...also if they are silk you can wash them like dishes in a dishwasher if you have one... just be gentle...I wash pit in my...
bonnie b bonnie b says:
What's the first-rate thing to clean dried medicine out of a medicine spoon?
What do you use to clean dried cure-all out of a medication spoon A medicine spoon is a spoon where you pour meds in the handle (where there are marking indicating 1/2 tsp to 2 tsp). Then you swig the meds right from the spoon. What's the best...
Heart of the Ocean. says:
You can just drive it up give it a soak in some water first which will help loosen off the dried medicine, then just wash it up, but it would make things easier if you did it straight after you had...

Latest news Can Your Dryer Be Accurate?
Every year, over 15,000 quarter fires stem from dryers. In 2010, these fires caused the deaths of 51 people. And, sadly, at least 1/3 of these fires were preventable: flaw to clean the dryer was the top cause of laundry room-related fires. So what can
BeaconMedaes Launches New Medical Air Dryer
The newly improved LifeLine® Medical Air Dryers enlist state of the art technology to produce clean, dry medical air while preserving energy. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Quota on Google+ Share on LinkedIn Email a friend. The New Lifeline Dryer 


katie_noll katie_noll
Nothing beats getting into bed with clean sheets and a clean, immature out of the dryer comforter ☺️
ryanlefrois ryanlefrois
RT @TrevorH81: We are out of manuscript tolls so @ryanlefrois decides to use dryer sheets instead to clean up a mess... Needless to say it faile…
britani_bell britani_bell
clean bedding orderly out of the dryer


Easy, No Frying, No Pan to Clean Hot Wings!
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal (Clean Eating)
Clean Your Gas Cook Top Burner Grates
Chocolate Strawberry Clean out the Fridge Smoothie
The Smart Girl's Way to Clean Silver

Bing news

Cures for everyday holiday messes
... spray over the item or immerse it in a pot of boiling water, making sure any felt covering on the base remains dry. For glass or wood, emphasize a blow-dryer at the wax and then blot the melting wax with a paper towel, but be careful not to ...
Consumer Reports: Tips demand stress from holiday prep
There’s always abundance to do around the holidays, so Consumer Reports asked its cleaning and textile experts how to make the prep work easier and faster. Here’s their view: BEFORE EVERYONE ARRIVES Freshening up sheets, towels and linens.
No one injured in clothes dryer outburst
FORD Conurbation – No one was injured after an explosion at a local dry cleaning business Thursday morning along Fifth Avenue and 11th Street. Ford Diocese Fire Chief Scott Gaiser said the source of the explosion, which occurred at about 9:38 a.m. at Spic ‘n ...

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Dry cleaning washer
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Cleaning and exasperating to sound proof the washer this week.
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