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Maelstrom & Kenmore Washer Repair - Wont Spin or Drain, Lid Switch 3949247, 3949238 Replacement

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Questions of Customers

What else additionally to a vacuum hose can make a washer never stop filling?
It's a 12 year old Kenmore that I replaced another voice on, and since then it won't stop filling.
Bert C says:
Notify Valve Level Sensor Timer Solenoid Try the site below for troubleshooting help: I have used them several times and it works moderately well. Bert
mikeashdunn mikeashdunn says:
My Kenmore fa load washer will not start? The Model number is 417.44152400. Please Help?
I have tried troubleshooting it with all the suggestions in the instructions. I have unplugged it and plugged it in and that didnt work. All the buttons make the same double beep when pushed.
Traveler says:
Here's a blog for that ideal, you can get better advice there: As a matter of fact, if you put 417.44152400 into google, you can get a lot of...


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Lawsuits: Myriad front-load washing machines contain hidden mold
... slew of other products on the make available designed to alleviate smelly residue inside washing machines. Whirlpool released a statement saying it stands behind its fa-load washing machines. The company also pointed out its Clyde, Ohio, plant produces ...
Troublemaker-free LG, Kenmore washers shaking up consumers
Her one's nearest told her she was becoming obsessed about problems with her LG washing machine ... The December 2012 safety recall of 457,000 LG and Kenmore Elite washers didn't lecture the issues of clothes not getting clean or water remaining in the machine.

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