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Weekweed - Pocket-sized Folding Electric Air Drying Clothes Dryer Clothing Dryer Heater - 2016 New Generation+Quality Assurance

Weekweed - Pocket-sized Folding Electric Air Drying Clothes Dryer Clothing Dryer Heater - 2016 New Generation+Quality Assurance

Price: $89.99
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  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, Good after-sale support
  • Safe and suitable for all fabrics, sterilizes garments at the same time
  • Lightweight, foldable, easy to assemble and disassemble, ultimate space saver,
Product description

Weekweed represents you comfortable life. Try it we know you will like it! 2016 New Pro

If you are stuck with loads of laundry and without a dryer, this Weekweed portable dryer is for you. Instead of hanging on clotheslines and checking every 5 minutes if it dropped or covering every exposed inch of your house with delicate clothing that cannot go in the tumble dryer, you have a perfect solution: Weekweed's Portable Dryer.

Dry clothes quickly and efficiently from anywhere. Its easy to assemble and just plug in to operate.

The Weekweed portable dryer will dry your clothing in the same time it takes for a traditional tumble dryer and will not damage, shrink, or crease any delicate clothing. It does not need any vents gas lines or special outlets, so you can just plug in your regular outlet and voila! you have a dryer. When disassembled it will fit in a regular laundry basket, that's how compact it is. Included free is a rack for towels, so you can now dry more in one load.

Running the portable dryer will not cost you a whole lot of money either, without a gas line and with minimal power it will cost you a fraction of a typical dryer. Set the timer or just set to "ON" and you will have dry clothes in no time.


Package Dimensions:11.03*11.03*4.93 -inch


What You Get:

1x Heater

1x Folding Drying Cover

3x Dryer metal shelves and screws

1x Round Clip & Drip Hanger

1x Long Clip & Drip Hanger

1x User Manual

GE GTX33GASKWW 27" Gas Dryer with 6.2 cu. ft. Faculty, 4 Dry Cycles, 4 Temperature Settings, in White

GE GTX33GASKWW 27" Gas Dryer with 6.2 cu. ft. Faculty, 4 Dry Cycles, 4 Temperature Settings, in White

Price: Too low to display
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Product description
GTX33GASKWW 27" Gas Dryer from GE offers 6.2 cu. ft. Capacity and Aluminized Allow Drum. The dryer features Auto Dry, Up Front Lint Filter, And Rotary Electromechanical Controls to suit your drying needs. Available at AppliancesConnection

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The 11 get the better of dryers on the market right now - Business Insider

Though repeatedly an overlooked appliance, a good dryer can keep your clothes looking their best for longer. Our friends at FindTheBest tracked down the paramount dryers on the market right now using their Smart Rating system, which takes into account individual features, warranty, value, and adept rankings. Samsung DV50F9A8EVW/A2 ($989) For under $1,000, the Samsung DV50F9A8EVW/A2 offers 15 preset cycles, NSF sanitation certification, and Steam Drying technology to diminish wrinkles. Its transparent front door also allows users to monitor their clothes throughout the cycle. Samsung DV50F9A7EVW/A2 ($999) With Steam Dry technology and an adjustable dryer hat-rack, this dryer will keep your clothes looking their best. The Samsung DV50F9A7EVW/A2 is also stackable, making it an ideal choice for apartment living. Samsung DV457EVGSGR/A1 ($1,534) This suave silver dryer connects with your smartphone, letting you monitor your laundry from anywhere. Additionally, the Samsung DV457EVGSGR/A1 features 14 preset cycles and five temperature settings. Samsung DV457EVGSWR/A1 ($1,400) With a Au fait Rating of 97, the Samsung DV457EVGSWR/A1 is equipped with touchscreen controls, 14 preset cycle options, and NSF sanitation certification. It also has an arousing energy factor of 3. 51 — the highest available — making it one of the most energy efficient dryers on the market in all honesty now. Samsung DV455EVGSGR/AA ($1,472) This electric Samsung DV455EVGSGR/AA dryer features several of Samsung's top amenities, including wrinkle forbiddance, delayed start options, and Steam Dry technology. Samsung DV435ETGJRA/A1 ($1,499) The Samsung DV435ETGJRA/A1's Smart Nurse feature makes it a great buy for the technology-savvy: it syncs with your smartphone, allowing users to quickly troubleshoot for problems. And with its cherry-red hue, this dryer will add a fun pop of color to any dull laundry room. Samsung DV455EVGSWR ($1,075)

Fisher & Paykel 4.5KG Clothes Dryer DE45F56EW1 A 4.5 kg flip side tumbling electronic sensing dryer, ensures your clothes are dried evenly and economically. Five dryness se...

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gas man says:
it gets 165 at the hottest environment,that's hot enuf to kill u or badly burn u,,,,even at the lowest setting u will b burned ,u could also break a bone,,dont do it its really shows a shortage of good...
babykaits23 babykaits23 says:
What label/manufacturer is best for a clothes dryer?
I am looking for a trusted electric clothes dryer that isn't too expensive (want to spend under 700) I have never bought a dryer, so any tips of what to look for, any brand to stay away from, etc. What stores normally have the superb price? Thanks...
AmandaCat says:
I assent to with other answer: Kenmore. Here is another way to get good appliances for good prices (From toasters to washers to dryers). Find one with as plain settings as possible. For example,...

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Assume about it! Put your clothes in the washer, pick the settings for both washer and dryer and start the machine!


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Electrolux Efficient wins major Swedish award for dryer range
By enchanting this award Electrolux Professional once again proves its strong commitment to its customers as well as the environment, as the T4300LE commercial clothes dryer is specifically ... tests fa of a clinical setting, the relevance of the results ...

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