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Plastic Bag & Spirits Dryer

Plastic Bag & Spirits Dryer

List price: $19.00
Price: $15.57
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  • Plastic bag and reusable bottle dryer
  • Made in Canada with reclaimed wood from furniture makers
  • Folds for easy storage
Product description
Cut down on the wasteful cycle of sandwich and snack baggies with this handy, innotaive FloWorks Design Plastic Bag and Bottle Dryer. Since reusing plastic baggies saves money and natural resources, our plastic bag dryer pays for itself over time. It's also an inexpensive way to dry reusable pastry bags. Made in Canada with reclaimed wood from furniture makers. Can be used on countertop or hanging, and folds for easy storage. Center column perfect for drying reusable water bottles. Simply wash sandwich and lunch baggies with soap and water and then air dry up to 8 of them at the same time. If you purchased one box of plastic baggies and washed / reused each bag 30 times you'd save approximately $100.00. Plus you'd help save precious non-renewable resources by consuming nearly 1,000 fewer bags. It's a win for you and for our environment! Hand-made in Canada from Birch plywood and Ash with a non-toxic oil finish. Dimensions: 14"L x 7.25"W (when open)

Usstore 1Pcs Waste Bag Holder Plastic Bracket Stand Rack Kitchen Trash Storage Hanger (Blue)

Usstore 1Pcs Waste Bag Holder Plastic Bracket Stand Rack Kitchen Trash Storage Hanger (Blue)

Price: $2.89
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  • Material: Plastic
  • Size:18.5*12*3.5cm (manual measurement slightly error)
  • Package Included:1PC trash rack (without retail package)
Product description
Can hold the towels or cleaning rags.
Free nail, Easy to install, a good towel holder rack for household use.
Can be easily removed when not in use, very convenient.
Style:hook up type
Size:18.5*12*3.5cm (manual measurement slightly error)
Color:Blue, green, pink
1PC kitchen garbage bag holder

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Na Home's Eco Bag Dryer

Practical wooden unit with sturdy sticks to hang plastic bags on to dry.

Questions of Customers

SuFi ChIcK SuFi ChIcK says:
I am exciting out bed bug infested apartment complex into a non infest apartment complex?
I have all my clothing and curtains and stuffed animals in plastic bags I got rid of the divan the matresses have protectors on them and i threw out the bed frame...what do I do now? Do I really have to bring all my clothes to a dry cleaning...
tygerr says:
i have had to do this aeons ago so here is how we did it. EVERYTHING that is going in to the new place has to be washed BEfore it go in. go to a nearby laundrymat, wash a couple loads and dry them,...
p0rnstrbs p0rnstrbs says:
how can i nurture my heavybag from rain?
i've got an everlast 100lb crucial bag and stand in my driveway. I have no room for it indoors so i workout in my driveway. How can I protect it from rain? I tried just a plastic tarp but it won't stay on. I dont wish if the stand gets wet but...
Alex,one-eyed in the land of the blind. says:
Buy a tarp,cloak the bag and use rocks to stop it from blowing off.

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