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Whirlpool Gas Dryer
Whirlpool Gas Dryer

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Faultlessly Working Whirlpool Gas White Dryer With Warranty
Faultlessly Working Whirlpool Gas White Dryer With Warranty

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Whirlpool 3392519 Kenmore Dryer Thermofuse

Whirlpool 3392519 Kenmore Dryer Thermofuse

Price: $6.59
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  • Manufacturer model number 3392519
  • Replaces most Whirlpool, Kenmore, and Kitchen Aid dryers
  • Genuine replacement part
Product description
Dryer thermal fuse. This thermal fuse replaces an existing fuse in your dryer. The fuse mounts to your dryer's blower housing. Be sure to unplug your dryer before installing the fuse. Check your exhaust vent duct system for clogs during installation. Replaces most whirlpool, kenmore, kitchen aid dryers.

Whirlpool 279834 Valve Nautical fake for Dryer

Whirlpool 279834 Valve Nautical fake for Dryer

List price: $9.31
Price: $8.83
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  • Works with the following models: Whirlpool 1053B0A, Whirlpool 1053B1A, Whirlpool 1653^0A, Whirlpool 1653^1A
  • Works with model: Whirlpool 1653^2A
  • Works with model: Whirlpool 1653W1A
Product description
Gas valve solenoid coil, 2 terminal. This product adds a great value. This product is manufactured in Mexico.

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Dryers just got greener - The-array

For the start with time in six years, Energy Star certification, a standard seal of approval for energy efficiency, has been expanded to tabulate another major household appliance. Clothes dryers, perhaps the last of the major household appliances to be included in the U. S. Environmental Preservation Agency's program, became available in 45 Energy Star models starting Presidents' Day weekend, according to the EPA. "Dryers are one of the most mean household appliances and the biggest energy users," said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. While washing machines have grace 70 percent more energy-efficient since 1990, dryers -- used by an estimated 80 percent of American households -- have continued to use a steep amount of energy, the agency says. The Energy Star program is designed to help consumers save moneyed and protect the environment by curbing energy consumption. "Refrigerators were the dominant energy consumer in 1981. Now dryers are the last bourn in the home for radical energy conservation," said Charles Hall, senior manager of product development for Whirlpool. Forcefulness Star-certified dryers include gas, electric and compact models. Manufacturers offering them include LG, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag and Safemate. All of the vitality-efficient models include moisture sensors to ensure that the dryer does not continue running after the clothes are dry, which reduces energy consumption by around 20 percent, the EPA says. In increment, two of the Energy Star-approved models -- LG's EcoHybrid Heat Pump Dryer (model DLHX4072) and Whirlpool's HybridCare Fever Pump Dryer (model WED99HED) -- also include innovative "heat pump" technology, which reduces energy consumption... Stimulate-pump dryers combine conventional vented drying with heat-pump technology, which recycles heat. Although Energy Leading man models can cost roughly $600 more than comparable standard models, Hall said the higher cost is more than balanced out by verve savings and up to $600 rebates offered by government and utility incentive programs. According to the EPA, if all the clothes dryers sold in the U. S. this year were Forcefulness Star-certified, it would save an estimated $1. 5 billion in annual utility costs and prevent yearly greenhouse-gas emissions equivalent to more than 2 million... To earn the Energy Star label, products must be certified by an EPA-recognized third party based on rigorous testing in an EPA-recognized laboratory. To put one's finger on local incentive programs for rebates on Energy Star dryers, see www.

Gas Dryer Servicing Video: Heating Problems

This http://applianceassistant.com Whirlpool Built Gas Dryer Troubleshooting Heating Problems Video looks closely at how to troubleshoot and patch problems ...

Questions of Customers

sparkler sparkler says:
Gas dryer vs energized dryer which is better?
i am planning to buy this whirlpool gas laundry dryer and was wondering if its more unwasteful than electric dryer. Please adivse cos am buying it from an individual and they say they want a bigger one. I have never owned either so I dont know...
Dad T says:
Depending on where you abide will dictate which is more expensive to operate. The gas dryers of today use a hot surface ignitor to light the gas compared to the old pilot light days so safety in...
portagerealtor portagerealtor says:
Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer Keeps Turning Off?
Copy#GGW9200LW1. I have a Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer that keeps turning off after a few minutes. The lint filter is clean and air is going out the exhaust mooring and it appears clean. What should I do to troubleshoot this? The dryer heats and...
Corky R says:
Wow, what a several of intuitive answers, smack it and unplug it. People must be desperate for 2 measly points. Gas dryers don't run a flame continuosly while the machine is operating. The glow...

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Whirlpool Gas Dryers Reviews
Whirlpool Gas Dryers Reviews
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cu. ft. Gas Steam Dryer Whirlpool Appliances Dryers Gas Dryers
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cu. ft. Faculty Gas Dryer Whirlpool Appliances Dryers Gas Dryers
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