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Hamilton Margin 8300 Hair Dryer 1500W   NO Wall Mount
Hamilton Margin 8300 Hair Dryer 1500W NO Wall Mount

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Sunbeam 1632 Hair Dryer Wall Mount Whine Dryer
Sunbeam 1632 Hair Dryer Wall Mount Whine Dryer

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Oster Tourmaline Wall Mount Hair Dryer 76932-710

Oster Tourmaline Wall Mount Hair Dryer 76932-710

Price: $23.77
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  • 6 ft Curl Cord; Removable Easy to Clean Filter Screen
  • 2 Power Settings; Automatically Shuts Off When Placed in Base
  • Space Saving, Ergonomic Design
Product description
Ideal for any home, health or fitness club or shop environment, this 2 speed/heat setting dryer can be mounted on the wall for valuable space savings.

Conair Wallmount 1600 Watt Hair Dryer with LED Round-the-clock Light; White

Conair Wallmount 1600 Watt Hair Dryer with LED Round-the-clock Light; White

Price: $24.99
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  • 1600 Watts of drying power in this compact dryer perfect for any size bathroom/space
  • Shuts off automatically when placed in wall mount and has Removable filter
  • 2 Heat/Speed Settings, 6' Coil Cord
Product description
Wall mount 1600 Watt dryer is perfectly compact with LED night light.

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Wall Mount Hair Dryer Stand for and Holders

Wall Mount Hair Dryer Affirm and Holders http://www.wroughtironhaven.com/shop/hair-dryer-rack-stand.html Get the liberty of decorating your bathroom walls wit...

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