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Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Hide Thick Padding, Slashes Your Iron Time, Heat Reflective Fits Standard and Large Wide Boards 18" x 54" Award Heavy Duty Cover and Pad

Ezy Iron Padded Ironing Board Hide Thick Padding, Slashes Your Iron Time, Heat Reflective Fits Standard and Large Wide Boards 18" x 54" Award Heavy Duty Cover and Pad

Price: $15.95
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  • ✔ GUARANTEED NOT TO MOVE OR SLIP on Your Board!! Comes with Innovative Elasticized Edges Bungee-cord style drawstring for easy installation and total tension fit to any board drum tight!
  • ✔ GENEROUS SIZE Tailored to Fit all Standard Boards up to 54" long & up to 18" wide (incl 18" x 49" boards) Please Note: Ironing Board not included.
Product description
Discover How To Make Ironing Faster, Easier and Better With the Ezy Iron Ironing Board Cover!

Are you sick of cheap quality covers that will not fit your board?

Or cheap covers that let the metal mesh marks onto your clothes?

Enter the Ezy Iron Ironing Board Cover:

Now you can finally iron your precious garments with ease! The days of slaving away over the ironing are over!

Why Ezy Iron Is The Best Cover You Could Ever Use?:

•It comes with thick padding that reflects the heat to cut your ironing time.
•It comes with an industrial strength elasticized cord for a drum tight fit
• One size fits all.

•Not satisfied with our product? You have 100% money back guarantee. The risk is purely on us.

Do NOT miss out on your Ezy Iron ironing board cover.

Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Because These Sell Like Crazy - Stock is Limited! (please note: Ironing board not included).

Supplement-Wide Ironing Board Cover Bundle 6 Items: 1 Extra Thick Felt Pad, Heat Resistanta, and Scorch Resistant Be enough [18" x 49"], 4 Fasteners and 1 Large Protective Scorch Mesh Cloth

Supplement-Wide Ironing Board Cover Bundle 6 Items: 1 Extra Thick Felt Pad, Heat Resistanta, and Scorch Resistant Be enough [18" x 49"], 4 Fasteners and 1 Large Protective Scorch Mesh Cloth

Price: $32.99
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  • COMPLEMENTARY ACCESSORIES: 4 Elastic Fasteners to Hold the Cover Even More (Optional). 1 Large Protective Mesh Cloth to Avoid Shinning Marks or Scorches.
  • FITS EXTRA-WIDE IRONING BOARDS: 18*49 Inches, Tailored Nose Pocket, Easy to Install and Well Locked by the Pocket and Fasteners(optional) and Elastic Borders.
  • PREMIUM ELASTIC AROUND THE BORDERS: Elastic Made to Hold and Endure the Cover Under the Board Without Drawstring. Guaranteed to Last.
Product description

Jenn wanted a cover ironing board that would fit her standard Ironing Board. After going to a local store and purchasing it, the cover didn't fit.

Joe Bought it online, but after waiting few days to receive it, he noticed the fabric was cheap and the elastic was a cord. Wife was upset!

Mary wanted an extra thick. She bought one advertised as such, however it wasn't, she had to buy an extra padding and spent as much as she did on the cover.

John wanted to give it as a gift to his friend Tony, recently married. John could only find too flashy or too boring covers. Tony's wife, who was picky, did not like the cover, after all, the colors did not play well with the home.

Olivia bought a cover with drawstring cord with barrel. Two months later, the barrel broke, after the cover was washed, cover went to trash.

They wanted to return, but for some was inconvenient or expensive.


Balffor's cover was designed to help Jenny, Mary, John, Olivia and everyone in similar situations.

It has premium and extra thick padding (6mm), which is the perfect thickness to avoid iron boards marks on the clothes.

It has premium and durable elastic (no more drawstring) to secure it on your board.

It has premium fabric with beautiful, modern and neutral design that will go well with any colors in your home.

It comes with 4 fasteners, just in case you want to make the surface smoother, and a protective mesh cloth to eliminate shinning marks and scorches on your clothes.


*Mesh can melt if iron is not moving on top of it
*Fasteners designed to use with cover only. It may break if used with anything else.

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Did the Cindy Crawford Oozing Jolt Millennials Out of Their Subconscious Self ... -

Until keep on weekend, I thought of myself as the kind of woman who wasn’t affected by how the media portrays women. I thought I was too aware and too savvy to place into custody myself to standards of beauty that are unreal. Magazines Photoshop everybody and everything. Intentional or not, the photo went viral. Media release after media outlet wrote about how amazing Crawford looked sans Photoshop. There have been many attempts to end the over-editing of women in media. Jamie Lee Curtis spectacularly appeared in More magazine in 2002 without any retouching. The Dove Real Beauty ad campaign launched in 2004. For the self-sensitive in image-retouching commentary, it’s easy to think you’re above the conversation, believing instead how great it is for other women to see forceful examples of real bodies. But the Crawford leak was raw and immediate. Many members of my generation who grew up in the 90s were surrounded by inspirational posters taped to the cinderblock walls of their understandable school that told them to “ Reach for the stars. ” We are members of the “ everyone’s a winner ” generation: Every girl on her third rise soccer team got a trophy even though they rarely won and she hardly played. We were raised with self-esteem in mind. Many a well-knowledgeable millennial read the American Girl “Body Book”— The Care and Keeping of You —when she was going through puberty. It reminded her she was well done. Some health classes taught segments on the media as it relates to eating disorders. Some teachers preached the importance of promising body image. The more progressive schools held assemblies and brought in speakers to talk about how the media portrays women. Still, toe all of this, these same girls read magazines. they attached women’s endlessly long legs to pieces of computer paper with Elmer’s seal. They (and the generation before them) brought Cosmo, Elle , Marie Claire, Allure, Lucky , and Teen Vogue to sleepovers. The Crawford photo jolted profuse out of complacent self-judgement. In the picture, Crawford’s stomach isn’t as flat as an ironing board (read: there’s a healthy, small amount of fat on her perfect strong-looking abs) and her thighs are not the size of toothpicks. Her skin tone doesn’t look like a plastic doll’s. Marie Claire under no circumstances printed the photo of Crawford, but this image proved how different a raw image and a Photoshopped version can be. It continued to make the invalid for how far many of us have fallen down the rabbit hole, comparing ourselves to... Retouching images of women in magazines and ads sends an insidious report. Despite being raised with an acute awareness of body image, with positive posters on the walls and in their textbooks, many women of Procreation Y still internalize the expectations of distorted images. The fact that this photo of a naturally beautiful woman went viral in such a decided way proves how many had (consciously or not) accepted the idea that they should be pulled as tight as Hannah Davis on the cover of this year’s Enjoyment’s... I, for one, have bookmarked the photo of Crawford. Anytime I find myself slipping down the slide of “why don’t you look like this likeness in this magazine. ” I’ll look at it. So thanks, Cindy.

Ironing Tip: Cheap, Grassy & Easy

Care for this video for an easy,green, and cheap ironing tip. Let me know on the comment your easy ironing tips.

Questions of Customers

alora alora says:
What wood can I use to vote in as an ironing board top?
I am looking to away my own mini ironing board. I have a top of a bedside table from ikea which is laminated birch. I'd like to place a piece of wood on top of this which is covered with wadding and cotton, and use this as an ironing board. What...
Drewfuss says:
I would say that a meticulous piece of plywood would work nice. find some with a nice smooth surface like birch plywood.
Toilet Duck Toilet Duck says:
Can I do anything with my ironing board to ameliorate it?
I have an ironing board that has been incomparable, but is now getting rather worn. I'm finding that when I iron the shirts the pattern of the mesh underneath is sometimes coming through onto the shirts. Is there any way I can pick up it without having...
The Divine Bubba Blue says:
The fine kettle of fish is that (as I found out recently) it may be cheaper to buy an entire new ironing board than to buy a cover with heat-safe padding. Most foam padding you'd buy in a store will melt or...

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Timeline: A story of Cath Kidston
She invests a third of her £15,000 start-up budget on creating her primary floral print, producing cushion covers, cotton bags and a flowery ironing board cover. 1999- The brand expands and opens stores in Elyston Concourse, Fulham, Marylebone and Wimbledon.


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And while he said the job is worthwhile in and of itself, he is anxious for his three-month review because after that he'll be eligible for the 15% employee discount ... chalk board when opened. Next they're working on a series of ironing board covers ... Celiac Malady & Gluten-Free Diet Forum
etc can brave 6-12 months so it makes sense to get a discount for paying cash. "I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to procure somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party" - Ron White ""I like the cover ...

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