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Foot Controller and Power Rope 033770217 Kenmore Sewing Machine Cord & Foot Pedal Control Singer Sergers Janome 644d 734d

Foot Controller and Power Rope 033770217 Kenmore Sewing Machine Cord & Foot Pedal Control Singer Sergers Janome 644d 734d

Price: $30.99
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  • Electric Pedal Control + Power Cable For Motor Pedal Control That Fits Many Home Sewing Machines.
  • - - - - Please Double Check The End Cord Plug View - - - - 3 Pin 2 Deep Grooves 110-120 Volt Variable Speed.Sewing Machine Foot Control Pedal with Flat Prong Power Cord
  • Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Speed Control for Household Sewing Machine,100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you are not completely satisfied!
Product description

- - - - Please Double Check The End Cord Plug View - - - ,Kenmore Foot Control Pedal & Cord 033770217 For Sewing Machines Sergers Janome 644d 734d Viking Huskystar

Electric Pedal Control + Power Cable For Motor Pedal Control That Fits Many Home Sewing Machines.

To Ensure Compatibility, Please Compare The Shape Of The Machine Plug To The Shape Of The Machine Foot Control Socket To Match.

Compatible With Kenmore 385.12912, 385.12916890, 385.1202990, 385.12102990, 385.12318990, 385.15108200, 385.15201, 385.15208, 385.15510200, 385.15512, 385.15516, 385.15008100, 385.16120200, 385.16524000, 385.1653000/30000, 385.18630890 And Many Others.

Singer From Sears 384.13012000, 384.18024000 And Others.

Janome From Sears 385.4052lx200, 385.14052200, 9102d, L-39 New Home: Janome Models Jd1106, 108, 204d, 303, 3125, 340, 344, 405, 415, 419s, 521, 525s, 534, 534d, 609, 639, 659, 660 Jem Gold, 661 (Jem Gold 2), 814,1004, 1612, 1622, 1803, 1814, 1818, 1822, 2003p, 2041, 2049, 3128, 3434d, 4014, 4018, 4023, 4026, 4052, 4119, 4612, 4618, 5018, 5024, 9102d, 1110dx, Hf2022,

Harmony 4045, Hf1012, Jd1818, Jd1822, Js1008, L393 , Lr Series, Qs2250, Rx18, Decor Excel 5018, Jem Gold 2, Mc4023, Mc4018, Hello Kitty & Tb-12, Mystyle 100.

Elna: 1010, 202, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2130, 3003, 3005, 3008 (3/16" Groove Width)

Viking: Huskystar, 207, 215, 219, 301 Hobby, 303, 307, Hobby 382, 541, 721, 741, 752, 1016, 1020, 1032, 1040, 1042,

Hobby 1122, Hobby 1132, Hobby 1142, 4220 & 4752 Please double check the connector end

VIER 6FT Prosaic Fig8 Brother Singer SEWING MACHINE Cable AC POWER CORD Cable XA2815051

VIER 6FT Prosaic Fig8 Brother Singer SEWING MACHINE Cable AC POWER CORD Cable XA2815051

Price: $7.99
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  • Please examine the photo carefully to verify that this is the correct cord. The shape is the most important thing to compare as the size is standard. Note that one side of the connector is flat so that it can only be inserted one way.
  • This power cord is the 2-prong "polarized" style used in many electronic devices
Product description
*All VIER Products are CE/FCC/RoHS certified.

*Our products include a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 year warranty.

*Brand New & High Quality,100% Compatibility with the original.

*We ship your order the same or next business day.

*We sell, We care! Buy With Confidence!

These 2 conductor UL listed, polarized power cords are suitable for personal computers, laptop, printers, office equipment, consumer electronics or any 2 prong polarized power supply cord application. It is the perfect replacement for a lost or damaged printer or computer power cord. This is a NISPT- 2 pin/prong, polarized male plug to a C7-PW polarized female connector with 18 AWG conductors to meet the most demanding requirements. This 6 foot universal AC power supply cords are designed to work with high performance devices that require a "flat end figure 8" style power cord plug.

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Let's Compare Sewing Machines

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Questions of Customers

Disney Nerdfighter Disney Nerdfighter says:
What are the pros and cons of a computerized sewing motor car?
I am bothersome to decide if I should get a computerized sewing machine or just stick with the traditional models. I really just make garments with my sewing machine (which is from the 80's... so it's falling separately from), and maybe a few little crafts....
Linda S says:
My experiences with older machine-like models really aren't that great. I'm speaking as someone who teaches sewing and who sees lots of really sucky old and newer mechanicals and some in the end good...
Sugar_Mama Sugar_Mama says:
Any websites that you can do a outcome comparison for Sewing Machines?
I need to buy a sewing machine, but I am not sure which one is the best for your money. Are there any websites that help you compare prices and features for sewing machines? Thanks!
jackbutler5555 says:
Try association below

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