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Xtech Stirring Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner with 6 Different Attachments and 3 Additional Accessories

Xtech Stirring Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner with 6 Different Attachments and 3 Additional Accessories

Price: $54.95
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  • DISINFECT (kills germs) and clean with just ordinary tap water: no need to use chemicals, or detergents
  • Powerful Steam Cleaner that emits 1050 watts and Can Steam continuously for up to 15-20 minutes
  • Includes: Long Spray Nozzle, Bent Spray Nozzle, Spray Nozzle with Bristle Brush, Flexible Extension Hose, Window Washing Squeegee, Door/Window/Clothing Attachment, Terrycloth Cover, Measuring Cup, & Funnel
Product description
Clean your home or office with the Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner. This Xtech Steam Cleaner is effective in cleaning many different things with just ordinary tap water. It's lightweight, super portable, easy to use with just one hand, and can be stored on a shelf. Yet it produces super steam that will assist you with removing dirt, grease, grime, stains & bacteria from floors, doors, windows, clothes, plumbing fixtures and more... (Just keep in mind that since this is so compact for your convenience, you might have to refill it for bigger jobs)

Using high-pressure steam means you can clean without the use of chemicals, detergents and pesticides, which can leave residues that may harm your family, pets and the environment.

Special accessories allow you to clean virtually every surface with scrubbing brushes, pointed lances for hard to reach areas and even a flat-surface squeegee attachment that is perfect for windows, dry-erase boards, mirrors and more.

Power Consumption: 1050 watts
Tank Capacity: 10 oz.
Injected Steam Capacity: 1 oz./min
Temperature Controller: 338 °F, Fuser: 365 °F
Cable/Cord Length: 9.5 " L
Battery: no battery used
Dimensions: 16.7" x 6.1" x 10"
Net Weight: 3 LBS

Whats in the box:
- Xtech Steam Cleaner with built-in movable short spray nozzle
- Long Spray Nozzle
- Bent Spray Nozzle
- Spray Nozzle with Bristle Brush
- Flexible Extension Hose
- Window Washing Squeegee
- Door/Window/Clothing Attachment
- Terrycloth Cover
- Measuring Cup
- Funnel
- User Manual

P.S. This steamer has a safety closure cap, therefore if you're having trouble opening or closing it, make sure you're pressing it down while turning it. If water drips, continue heating it up.

Multifunction Shirt-pocket Steamer Household Steam Cleaner 1050W W/Attachments

Multifunction Shirt-pocket Steamer Household Steam Cleaner 1050W W/Attachments

Price: $30.49
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  • Multi Purpose With Different Functional Accessories For Cleaning, Killing Bacteria, Removing Clothing Wrinkles
  • Durable Boiler Body With Extra-Thick Inner Wall
  • Higher Safety With Over Heated Protection
Product description
This Is Our Portable Multi Purpose Handheld Steam Cleaner, Which Is Of A 1050-Watt Heating System And Will Offers High-Temperature And High-Pressure Steam To Deep Clean And Sanitize You Whole Home.
This Steam Cleaner Has The Perfect Attachments To Sanitize Every Inch Of Your Home The Steamer Works On Almost Any Hard Surface, Including Windows, Sinks, Stoves, Countertops, Refrigerators, Floor Boards And Shower Doors.
It's Also A Fabric Steamer To Remove Clothing Wrinkles.
Color: Yellow
Rating Of Power Supply:AC110-120V/60Hz,With Earthed Jack,And Allowed Current Is Greater Than 5A
Warm Up Time: 3 Minutes
Tank Capacity:350ml
Optiona Capacity:250ml
Rated Power:900-1050W
Steam Pressure:3bar
Injected Steam Capacity:28g/Min
Functioning Temperature : 275°F / 135°C
Overall Dimension:11"×5.5"×8.3"(L×W×H)
Power Cord Length:10Ft
Please Read The Instructions Thoroughly Before Use.
Please Retain The Instructions For Future Reference.

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Vax S5 Steamer Magazine

Vax S5 Steamer ( Scullery and bathroom) - but can be used on pretty much anything. Great Item. £72 from Amazon and about £99 from Argos (as of Oct 2012)

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Are their any vacuum steam cleaners on the deal in worth recommending?
I'm looking to buy one, but don't see any property reviews, so let's see what the yahoosers say.
howmidoin? says:
I have both a Bissell AND a Hoover - they both do superb jobs. I ended up getting the Hoover because a part cracked on the Bissell. Couldn't get a replacement online & no authorized repair...

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